I aim to create
useful and delighting experiences.

I really enjoy solving problems and creating new visual languages. To ask questions and childlike curiosity are my most important allies in the design process.

Over the past few years I dipped my toes into different fields like illustration, coding and animation. In recent projects I've been exploring the world of 3D imagery and mixed reality. I am really excited about emerging technologies like AR/VR and the inherent design challenges. My ambition is to learn as much as possible about it and hopefully be working in this field soon.

Originally my career started by working as a barista, roaster and coach in the specialty coffee business. I had great plans to change our world's economic food system. After realizing I sucked at being a Food Manager (B.A.), I started developing my visual design skills. Currently I am studying at my Bachelors Degree in Communication Design at Munich University of Applied Sciences.

When not in front of a screen I love spending time with my lovely wife and our three little children.