Captivating exhibition – Shibari

Poster design / Illustration
Project Type
Poster Design
Cinema 4D
Adobe Illustrator

How to lure people into a bondage exhibition?

To promote an exhibition in a museum context, you generally want to reach as wide an audience as possible. But what about an exhibition of erotic art, often perceived as obscene and occult fetish?

Shibari is an ancient artistic form of rope bondage. Unlike the western type the Japanese elevated their practice to an art form. It is not just about immobilization of the tied up. Rather, it should take on aesthetically sophisticated patterns and forms.

The idea was to use a visual language that challenges common misconceptions and makes Shibari accessible for a larger audience. Young and old people should feel equally addressed when confronted with the key visual. Instead of showing human flesh tied up with rope the use of an abstract depiction of people in bondage seemed less deterrent.